Care Quality Commission

From April 2011 under the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, all providers of primary dental care who provide dental services must be registered with the Care Quality Commission in accordance with new regulations – essential standards of quality and safety.

The aim of the registration is that people can expect services to meet essential standards of quality, to protect their safety and to respect their dignity and rights whenever care is provided.

There are many similar themes between the BDA Good Practice Scheme and the Care Quality Commission ‘Essential Standards’ and much of the evidence that will need to be provided to the CQC the practice already has in place.

This new registration system focuses on outcomes – the experiences our patients receive in ‘their journey’ through the practice. The main aim of our mission statement is the welfare of our patients, and we are passionate about ensuring that all of our patients receive the best quality care, and this new registration will ensure that we continue to deliver a service that our patients expect.

In July 2011 the practice was awarded registration with the Care Quality Commission.

On the 17th December 2012 the CQC carried out an unannounced practice inspection visit to check if the practice was meeting the required standards of care for the 3 areas that the practice is regulated against.

The practice was awarded the pass mark for meeting the standards, to see a copy of the report please click on the link below:-

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