Patient Information

At Bateman & Best Dental Practice we work closely with our partners at the BDA (British Dental Association) and the NHS to provide our patients with the best information about a healthier lifestyle and good oral hygiene.

When you are seen by a dentist at Bateman & Best they carry out a full assessment of not only your mouth but your health in general. There are many links between the mouth and the body, for example did you know that gum disease and heart disease have a direct link.

Some of the things our dentist check for at your examination are:

  • Oral Cancer
  • Health of teeth
  • Health of gums
  • Recession
  • Tooth wear
  • Risk factors for decay, gum disease and oral cancer
  • Health of jaw joints
  • Health of head and neck in general.

From the above the dentist will decide on advice or treatment plan or treatment specifically tailored to you. They will also devise an appropriate recall be it every 6 months or once every 2 years.

Our practice is highly motivated in providing preventative treatment to both children and adults, this helps prevent future disease or prevention of a worsening situation. Our Therapists and Nurses are in an excellent position to provide this care, several of our nurses are trained to administer fluoride to children’s teeth.

Visit the links below for more information, or visit the NHS Choices for detailed information on all health matters.