Mrs Ruth Singleton-Evans
Dip Dental Hygiene Dip Dental Therapist Liverpool 2007 GDC Number 10614




What is a Dental Therapist?

The Dental Therapist’s primary role is to promote the dental health of their patients. This involves working directly and indirectly with a registered dentist to devise and carry out a treatment plan that is appropriate to the needs of their patients.

Dental Therapists train for two years on a full time basis at a Dental hospital. The training that Dental Therapists receive is equivalent to what students becoming dentists receive at the start of their program. However, Dental Therapists do not go on to learn more complex procedures such as root canals crown and bridge work.

A Dental therapist can carry out a range of procedures working under a prescription of the Dentist, including:

  • intra and extra oral assessment
  • scaling and polishing
  • applying materials to teeth such as fluoride and fissure sealants
  • taking dental radiographs
  • providing dental health education on a one to one basis or in a group situation
  • undertaking routine restorations in both deciduous and permanent teeth, on adults and children
  • extracting deciduous teeth under local infiltration analgesia.

Ruth joined the practice in 2006 in her final year as a Dental Therapy student. She was one of the first 10 students on the pioneering new course for Therapist. She graduated in December 2006 from Liverpool University and has worked at the practice since.

Ruth is also an honorary tutor for Liverpool University in teaching and supervising Dental Therapy students who are on placement at the practice.

Training Hygiene Therapists

The Practice is accredited as a training practice by the University of Liverpool for Dental Hygiene/Therapist students.

The student hygiene therapist work under direct supervision of the dentist however if you are not happy to be treated by a student, please mention this to your dentist.

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